Character & Temperament

The Japanese Spitz makes a wonderful companion, as they are loyal, energetic, playful and affectionate. Their loving and gentle nature means they are also good around young children. This breed thrives being around people and will love to be at the centre of your family. They are a very loyal breed and will want to be by your side at all times. Their sociable nature means that they mix well with other dogs and other household pets. Despite their ‘lap-sized’ appearance this breed enjoys being active and spending time going out for walks and running off lead. This is not to say you won’t find this amiable dog curled up on your lap for a little time-out later.
There’s no need to invest in a burglar alarm, as this breed makes an excellent watchdog and will readily bark to alert their families of the arrival of a visitor to their home. They really do believe that they are a large dog trapped inside a small dog’s body. However, if they are not socialised well as puppies this trait can be problematic, as they can become overly suspicious of strangers. It is not uncommon for this breed to initially be aloof to visitors to your home, but once they relax they will quickly win your guests over with their vibrant and entertaining personality.
Word of warning, make sure you have plenty of time to spend with this breed, as due to their love of company they can suffer from separation anxiety if left alone. This can lead to unwanted behaviours, such as excessive barking and destruction.